to the first a demonic of powering have began to murders.

they have some level to witchers:

the first degree engaged to 10 murderes to more 17 years olds humans.

the second into this will be the 25 kills

by murdering this daemon used lethal weapons against human to the ritual to be classified on hierachy of evil

to the second degree: they could used a more powerfull sorceled acting to 20 murdering; after 50humans they could used all over of this to same condition.the hopening of faiting was the human would be killed have more than 16 years.


before a lancer , the ritual satanist engaged a form of "dead song" where the pression into dead body encrease "fear impression" as the animals been into sens of danger. this ritual been valideted to 24hours who the daemons could lanced everithing(things, codification, signs, words as he wants).

demons souls not confusing to the end to gone into hell. but than obscure someone to tell why some people who desired the forgotten of jesus, have the same reason into this.

be carefull a sorceled is a murder, lying, confusing is why he resting alive.

this murederer have ,into conclusion, a territory to 100 miles auround theim.

a curse empty all hopening was the death will be senting, if a christian would be touch this evil powerfull.

this first hierach was protected by the same cursed and all over daemons could nt play against them without conflict.

the child of daemons haven t got any sorcellers as wives who didnt explain the same murdering to apologised daemon s cast.

howewer calling daemons to this descents or alliance s wives hasn t be mistaking.

this lawing will be into haeven as a curse to be alived

into depend the alliance between, human and human-daemon be enabled.

god save us